About Us

We believe in the all-natural holistic approach to a RAW diet. We do use the same quality of meats you would serve to your human family in our Cat Food.

Our Ground Raw contains ground bones and cartilage that are NOT intended for human consumption because the human digestive system is not designed to break down bones.

The Ingredients in our RAW are whole “bone in”, skin on chicken thighs and legs, chicken livers, gizzards, hearts with pumpkin puree’. We do suggest you ass greek yogurt to our RAW to complement probiotic gut health. Our RAW is packaged in one pound packages for ease of serving.

First of all we care…we love our fur family members and want ONLY the BEST for them! We have looked at so many wet and dry foods out there we couldn’t believe how many preservatives that are directly related to cancer. We are not saying Commercial foods cause cancer, legally we can’t because we are not a big company with tons of money to fight the legal system but look up the ingredients in your pets food.

We are family owned and operated with a desire to provide a better option for a RAW diet.

Knowing so many unhealthy ingredients are added to commercial canned and dry foods we know we are a better alternative!

We cater to the Obligated Carnivore and even though we are designated to serve the Feline Species our food is well suited for your other carnivore fur family members.